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Our Services

Our Services

Family disputes

Undoubtedly, family disputes are numerous and are most found in the court's corridors. Issues of divorce, separation, inheritance, and alimony all require an experienced lawyer who can win the case or reach an amicable solution far from the courts.

Company cases

Companies have a share of our knowledge and expertise as we handle everything related to forming, dissolving, liquidating, merging, and drafting the internal regulations of the company. Proudly, legal service contracts have been concluded between our law firm and a group of famous Qatari companies by us to handle all their legal work.

Administrative cases

Our team works on handling lawsuits seen before the administrative judiciary, especially those related to contracts that the individual concludes with the administration. The compensations when failing to execute them and everything related to the administrative decisions.

Drafting and reviewing legal contracts

We focus on defining the legal obligations of the parties when drafting contracts, and we work on interpreting and reviewing both local and international contracts. This also includes determining the rules of attribution that apply, whether in terms of competent courts or the law that must be applied.

Commercial disputes

We handle lawsuits resulting from commercial disputes, including those related to investment laws and everything under the laws related to commercial, tax, and derivative activities.

Intellectual property and patent issues

We undertake all work related to registering and protecting trademarks and patents. We also handle lawsuits related to violations of copyright and find the necessary evidence and document it to win the case.

Providing legal advice

With us, you can get the most precise oral or written legal advice. We offer you the best guidance and legal advice that you can follow in various family, civil, and criminal fields.